Over the past 25 years,  I have had the fortune of working with a large number of amazing collaborators on an array of health informatics projects and research.  The work started at the birth of the “web” with the development of a custom healthcare web browser (Odyssey).  Subsequently, we developed a configurable web “portal” (the CRC), with the goal of delivering knowledge at the point of care.  This year marks the CRC’s 20th year in use at UC Davis!

In 2005, we were given an opportunity to provide a critical public health service, as we were approached by State of California to develop an electronic death certificate registration system.  The system went “live” Jan 1st 2005, on time and under budget. Today, CA-EDRS continues registering deaths in California and in May 2017 became the first EDRS to be integrated with a electronic health record (EHR) system.

The most recent work is an exploration of quantum computing and how to use it in solving computational challenges in biomedicine.

Mike Hogarth, MD
June 30, 2017